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5 ways to thwart hackers while banking online

Evading banking cyber threats is more challenging than ever.

Don’t let the bad guys fool you. Here are five ways to fend off online banking thugs.

10 Ways to Protect Your Bank Account Online


The internet is a major source of ease for our day-to-day activities—making things quite easier than they were before now. As much as this advancement in technology as being a big advantage, it has also resulted in the creation of more chances for online scams.

Financial institutions and other organizations have recently been working harder than ever to fight against internet scams as well as secure themselves against it. A lot is being invested into this war against internet fraud but it won’t produce sufficient results if customers and many other organizations don’t understand it and join in.

The next logical question is “how do you secure yourself against internet fraud”? Here are steps that you can follow:

Be very careful with your passwords. Remember to protect your devices by enabling your password. Your passwords should be a private affair and they should be complicated such that they can’t be guessed.

For your social media accounts, use your privacy settings to protect yourself. Though the settings will amount to a waste if you’re not careful about posting your private details online.

Set up firewalls for your networks and anti-virus software to protect your devices against malware and viruses. Remember to constantly update them too.

Scan every flash drive and other external devices before opening them on your computer. Also disable the “AutoRun” and “AutoPlay” features on the computer.

Turn “Automatic updates” on permanently for your computer. Your operating system vendor often releases updates which are critical to securing the device. Ensure that these updates are installed often.

Ensure that everyone using internet in your house is properly informed about how important online security is. They should understand all the necessary actions to take secure themselves every time.

Check your bank accounts daily and in the event of anything that brings suspicion, make a report immediately.

Guard yourself in your online activities. Except you are certain about its authenticity, ignore every request to give your account or personal details.

For your mobile gadgets, download apps only from reliable sources. Some carelessly leave their devices lying around when not in use. Keep them close to you. Do not also forget to secure them with passwords and lock them when not in use.

Ignore attachments or links from sources you do not know or are not certain about their authenticity; especially spam mails.

Regarding wire and Automated Clearing House (ACH) deals, special care has to be taken. Your tokens are not meant to be used at login but for when your wire/ACH deals are being released. Also note that your financial institutions will never send you messages asking you to input your security tokens.

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