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Top 3 Email Marketing Tips For Better Engagement

Email marketing tips are becoming more and more sophisticated. It is not as easy anymore to manage an email marketing campaign as it was some time ago. All the prominent email service providers including Gmail are making it tough for the email marketers with each day. It’s getting harder to get their emails delivered to the desired audience. Intelligent algorithms and other new features won’t allow your email to reach the inbox of your targets clients. Many of the old email marketing tips for inboxing simply no longer work.

Having said that, the popularity of email marketing still remains on the top tiers of marketing statistics.  Your email marketing campaigns are capable of producing 50% more ROI than any other marketing medium. This should not get you thinking about moving on some other marketing tactic. However, you should consider an overhaul of the process through which you design your email campaigns.

Top 3 Email Marketing Tips For Better Engagement

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In this blog, we will tell you about top three email marketing tips to better engage your subscribers.  More engagement means that you have high open rates and high click through rates. So, here are the three things that will guarantee the delivery of your emails and also, get more clicks and reads on your emails.

Design Your Email Marketing Campaigns For Mobile

If you are avoiding the mobile responsiveness of your email campaigns, consider them a fail already. More than 50% emails are read on the mobiles these days. Moreover, more than 60% sales are secured through mobile.  People prefer to read emails and even shop while they are on the move.  The numbers above are a clear indication that email marketing campaigns should be mobile responsive.  This will make your subscribers read your emails regardless of their current position. They can read your emails in office while having a snack, or even in the washroom.

Include HTML Buttons

HTML buttons are getting popular for their ability to provide better user experience. HTML buttons are basically CTA buttons that look like image buttons but in fact, they are just some code lines. They take lot lesser time to load on a page than the conventional image button. This feature makes them ideal for use in the email marketing campaigns.

As in the emails, the images are not downloaded automatically when opened, unless the reader allows the downloading of the images, the call to action buttons will not appear in your email.  Whereas the HTML buttons are visible by default and create more chances of clicks. So next time while designing an email, get a good coder by your side and tell him to make a good few buttons for you.

Push Harder For Email Delivery

While you may worry about your emails not being opened more often, there are worse things than that. One in five emails is not seen at all by the subscribers.  This means that all your time and resources that you spent on designing an email campaign, might go down the drain just like that. To ensure 100% delivery, you have to act proactively. You can look at the analytics of a recent campaign and discard all the email types with high bounce rates and low CTR and open rates. You may also want to update your database and only send your emails to those subscribers who are interested in your campaigns. Moreover, you should also work on the quality of the content in your emails to make them more compelling.


Try these three tips now and make your emails delivered, opened, and clicked more frequently.


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