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Google Hosting Help and Information

Why should you give Google Hosting a try ? Google Hosting rates superior at providing high-performance NoSQL database service for big data analytics and heavy server workload assignments.

 Why Google Hosting?

  • Google Hosting allows your team to focus on the next level of enterprise development
  • Google Hosting dramatically reduces or eliminates the hardware management, spinning up servers and setting up networks.
  • Google Hosting lets your team execute ideas and let programmers focus on programming

Google Hosting Vs. Other Web Hosting Company Considerations

Most web hosting companies offer a one-click install for popular scripts, such as Joomla and WordPress. Some of the cheaper hosts may fail to do so, though, and anyone who has spent hours trying to manually upload and install a script to their website will realize what a godsend one-click install can be. Many hosts also include one or more email addresses in their packages, but some offer this as an extra (chargeable) feature. There may also be limits imposed on how many MySQL databases are allowed, so if you think you will need several, it will be a problem if your host is only offering one and then applying additional charges to provide you with more.Most new webmasters will find an individual plan is sufficient, and if they are running a WordPress site (as is often the case) the chances are that one MySQL database will be enough.
It is important to be aware of what your needs are before you purchase a hosting package.If you are planning to run an e-commerce website, decide on the best way to build one. Will you be using ZenCart, Magento, or something else, and do all of your favored hosts offer a quick install of the software you need? If you are planning to build a forum, you may want a one-click install of MyBB or Advanced Electron Forum. Once you know what kind of site you want and how you plan to build it, the next thing to do is find a hosting company that will help you do so as quickly and easily as possible, and most importantly, at a price that is right for you.

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Dedicated Servers
One of the reasons individual plans are so cheap is that the sites are hosted on servers that are shared with other companies, and a single server can host many websites. Webmasters who choose to host a site on a dedicated server are paying for the use of an entire server. Not surprisingly, the costs involved are higher and can range from around $35 (with introductory discount) per month to several hundred dollars a month. There are unlikely to be same restrictions on bandwidth or the number of visitors per month, the servers will be faster, and the RAM and hard disc space will be higher. In this case, you indeed get what you pay for.
Reseller Accounts

Reseller accounts are best suited to people who operate many websites or are planning to set up a business as a reseller, i.e., someone who sells space on their server to a third party. Packages like this are an ideal choice for people who are running a web design service, and such ventures can be quite profitable.

Evaluating Your Options

Once you have decided on the best server for your needs, scrutinize the prices that different companies charge for your chosen server type, and then compare the features offered from one company to the next. That way you will find it easier to get the best value for money.Company credibility is also an important consideration, so it pays to check out customer reviews posted at third-party sources and listen to what other people are saying about the company and its after-sales service. If the reviews are all bad, there is probably a good reason, so it’s time to start looking elsewhere


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