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Gmail vs Inbox by Gmail: The Pros and Cons

Someone asked me the difference between Inbox by Gmail and Gmail and I was awestruck. Not because the person couldn’t figure out what it was but because I didn’t know of the existence of Inbox by Google. I had to take my time to research Inbox by Google and I have to say, it’s a great tool for email management although there are several downsides to it. If you have heard of Inbox by Gmail but have been hesitant to migrate, here are features and pros including the cons of Inbox by Gmail. This is all in comparison with Gmail.


Pros of Inbox by Gmail

1. The Ability to delete and ignore large email batches

One of the killer features of Inbox by Gmail that outclasses Gmail is its ability to both ignore and delete large email batches in a single click. The reason this is possible is that Inbox by Gmail has the innate ability to scan and sort emails depending on categories. It makes use of seven main categories namely Purchases, Finance, Social, Updates, Forums, Promos and low priority for ease of management.

Besides being able to sort the email, Inbox by Gmail can also be set to give you notifications of only high priority and important emails while ignoring the rest. If you like, you could also set custom notifications for other categories so you are notified of such emails once a week or once a month. After you are done working, there is a large tick box where you can mark your emails as done when you are finished working on them.


2. The snooze feature

Sometimes you receive important emails you don’t want to get down to. In such moments, you could make use of the snooze feature offered by Inbox by Google. When you snooze an email, you’ll be allowed to set a custom date and time when you want the email to appear in your Inbox again. Besides that, if you are a fan of Google Check in, you can use the snooze feature together with Google Check in so you receive an email as soon as you check in to workplace making the process of managing your emails easier for you.


3. Pinning emails

Personally, I’m a neat freak and one thing I always do whenever I receive an email is that I organize it and shelve it to its proper place. That means I keep a lot of sub-folders and organize my emails. If you did the same, then I’m sure you’ve made the common mistake of shelving an important email only to realize later that you lost an incredible opportunity from doing that. Well, with Inbox by Google, you can use the pin to organize and put the high priority emails on the top of your inbox. This minimizes your chances of not replying the email by zero, something that is amazing.


4. Message reminders

This is one of the killer features of inbox by google. You can use it to give you friendly reminders based on emails. Complicated? Let me explain. Maybe you receive an email reminding you of an overdue bill that you have to pay ASAP. The bill is important, as a first step, you pin the email to the top of your inbox so that you don’t forget. When you pin the email, there is a box that you can press labelled, ‘Remember to’. You can put whatever you want such as remember to, ‘pay bill’ etc. Next time you receive such an email, inbox will tell you to remember to pay your bill after scanning your email making life simpler for you because you won’t have to read through a whole email just to get a simple task done.


5. Undo

Sometimes you can make a grave mistake of sending an email that wasn’t intended for the recipient you’ve send it to. In such a case, inbox by Google gives you a lifeline of 30 seconds which you can use to recall your email. Yes, the default Gmail inbox also has this feature, so what’s the difference? Well, the difference is simple. The undo feature for the default Gmail inbox has to be preactivated, something that is different in inbox by Google, you won’t be obligated to go through the lengthy process of activating the feature.

inbox by gmail


The Cons of Inbox by Gmail

As with everything, where there are advantages, there are also disadvantages. Here are the cons of inbox by Google.


1. Works only with Gmail

Oh man, this is one of the things I hate the most about inbox by Gmail. Yes, it’s cool and everything but you can only use it with Gmail. This means you can’t link your personal email address or even your yahoo and aol account. But there is a workaround if you really feel you need inbox by Gmail. You could use the email forwarding feature to forward all your emails to your Gmail account. That way, you will be able to read and organize your email from your Inbox by Gmail Mailbox, the downside is that you won’t be able to reply.


2. There no universal inbox

Another thing that’s annoying about inbox by Gmail. If you have more than one Gmail account, you won’t be able to access them all from a single inbox by Gmail mailbox as there is no universal inbox. Instead, you will have to flip back and forth between each account just to manage your emails. Yes, I know this is really counterproductive and I wish there was a way to go around it but there really isn’t, it’s just one of those things that you will have to deal with. Nevertheless, it’s obvious that if you have multiple Gmail accounts, there is one that it the most important. The only advice I can give you is that you should focus on the most important one and check the others only when really necessary.


So, here are the pros and cons. I tried to be as thorough as possible. If you know of any more, please, kindly feel free to share.




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