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Best Ways to Analyze Your Email Marketing Returns

Seasoned marketers around the world know that if used intelligently, email marketing is still one of the best marketing mediums. In this article, we will list some of the best ways to determine the success of your email marketing campaigns. Following these ways will help you make your future email campaigns more impactful.

Before we move on to the actual analytic tools, there is one very important thing every marketer should keep in his mind. Every marketer should have a clear purpose of a specific email marketing campaign. We should clearly sort out whether out campaign is for. It might be for generating new leads, lead conversion, or for expanding your subscription list. Once you define the purpose, you can easily determine the matrices that will help you achieve your goal.

Best Ways to Analyze Your Email Marketing Returns


Let’s get to the point now. Here is a list of the basic to advanced email marketing analytics tools. These tools are the key performance indicators for your email marketing campaigns.


Click Through Rate lets you know about the number of people who clicked a button or a link in your email campaign. According to the email marketing experts, the click rate should be at least 20%. If your rate is lower, you need to sit with your team and discuss the important elements in your campaign. You need to revisit your Titles, headings, and the content in the buttons. You also need to take another look at your database whether it is updated or not.

Bounce Rate

This rate determines whether your emails reached your target audience or not. Email marketing gurus say that if your bounce rate is more than 4%, you have to realign your email marketing regime. There might be more than one reason for a high bounce rate. There may be a server error, wrong email IDs, or the emails going straight to the spam box.

Open Rate

As the name suggest, this matrix shows you that rate at which your subscribers open your emails. Anything above 20% is considered a very good rate. If the rate is lower, your need to check the quality of your content, subscribers’ segmentation, and updates in the database.

Compatibility With Devices and Software

Every day, new devices and software appear in the market that your audience may use to open your emails.  To get the most out of your email marketing campaigns, you have to make sure that your emails are compatible with most of the devices and browsers in the market.

Location-Based Segmentation of The Clients

Knowing the location of your customers helps you in personalizing the email marketing campaigns for your subscribers. This makes your emails more appealing and eventually generates more leads. Knowing the location also allows you send emails at peak times when your subscribers are online and ready for action.


Detailed Information About The Clients

For further personalization of your email marketing campaign, you may want to know more details about your client. The details include IP address, type of browser and the device that your client uses, activities, country, time zone, etc.


After carefully looking into the above-mentioned matrices you will be in a position to determine the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.  It is important to remember that you don’t always need a lot of data to know the results. You can know where you are going with your email marketing plans by these simple matrices.

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