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10 Gmail Writing Tips to Make Your Gmails Amazing

Email Writing Tip.  Every day, over 500 billion emails are sent. Wait and let that sink in for a moment, 500 Bn. In numbers, that’s something like 500 000 000 000(I hope my math’s game is still strong) I would have told you how many of those are replied but that’s a story for another day plus the statistic is disappointing. The number of replies is nothing compared to the ‘sends’. The reason this number is so low is because many people write crappy emails. You can correct that making use of these 10 email writing tips.


Email Writing Tip #1. Clarity

You want to know the difference between good and bad emails? The answer is clarity. Ask any good email copywriter the secret to successful emails, they will tell you need to be clear in terms of your objectives. Before you get down to writing any email, you first have to ask yourself what action you want your recipients to take. The answer to this can serve as a guideline regarding to how you should craft your email and whether you should use a more active or passive voice to help influence your readers.


email writing tips

Email Writing Tip # 2. Keep it short

An email that is longer than 250 words is annoying to read no matter how interesting it is. One thing you have to remember whenever you are crafting an email is, you have to keep it as short as possible and get straight to the point, no beating around the bush. Sometimes, you might be selling an amazing product and that’s understandable but you have to remember that once your email becomes longer than 300 words, response rates drastically drop and this might be bad for your business and/ reputation.


Email Writing Tip #3. Make the subject catchy

The main influence that encourages a person to read your email is the subject line. In fact, if you take 30 minutes to write an email, then you should spend an hour on the subject line. Yes, I know, it doesn’t make that much sense but let me explain. In the beginning sentence, I said the subject line influences people to read your emails and the body content won’t matter if people do not open the email. You have to invest in writing a quality and catchy subject line or else your email open rates will suffer the most.


Email Writing Tip #4. Get to the point

Remember, it’s an email, not a news press release or a short story. It’s important to get to the point. I know, you might have been taught in school you should begin a letter with a friendly warm up but that stuff definitely doesn’t work for emails, especially marketing and professional emails. Use the first two sentences to articulate to your reader what the email is about, don’t go around in circles. Be prompt, clear, and fast while keeping the interest of the reader.


Email Writing Tip #5. Paragraphs are outdated forget about them

Have you ever wondered why this article is in listicle format? In fact, the bulk of the content on this website somehow contains a lot of heading and sub-heading and it’s for a good reason. What is the reason, you may ask? Well, it’s simple, a lot of people nowadays no longer pay attention. They just browse and run through, you probably are (;. To get your attention and make sure you get the point, I had to go through the trouble of dividing this article into ten paragraphs so that you get the information without having to read all of the 1000 words that I wrote. The same thing applies to your emails, try to use subheadings, bulleting points and other emphasizers to get people’s attention.


Email Writing Tip #6. Stick to one thing in the email

Flip flopping can make your email confusing and that won’t ever work in your favor. Apart from making the email confusing, most people have a systematic way of managing their emails including using a to do list to sort emails by topic so that it becomes easier to reply them when they get free time. If you need to write about two things, then the best thing to do would be to create two separate emails specific to each issue you want to address just to remove the clutter and improve the clarity of the emails.


Email Writing Tip #7. Be human

An email is not an interrogation tool, don’t use it to pass threats and make people feel bad for not associating with you or your company. To be honest, they will definitely hate you for it. You have to try and be as simple as possible. In fact, be extra polite and address your audience and readers in a polite manner. People love to be treated like kings and queens and trust me, if you do that, they will grovel at your feet. This one of those email writing tips that will help boost your conversion rates.


Email Writing Tip #8. Reply Personally

Never hit the reply all button. You might have heard a lot of email tips particularly when using Gmail but this is one important email writing tip you should pay extra attention to. Do not use a template messages as a way of responding to important emails. That move will work against you instead of for you. The reason why a lot of people don’t read many emails is simply because they use a lot of template messages. You should try to be an exception by paying attention and individually responding to each email you receive, your reader will thank you for that.


Email Writing Tip #9. Make use of Gmail

If you want to write your emails like a pro, then make it a point to write using Gmail. Yes, I know what you are thinking. You are using a mailbox based from webmail but that doesn’t mean you can’t. You still can use that personal email account from your Gmail inbox. To do this, you have to first add your personal email address to Gmail using the settings tab that you can access by clicking the gear icon on the top right of your inbox. I believe everything will easily flow from there.

Well, it’s been a journey. If you know of any other email writing tips, feel free to share them with us.





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